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Avoiding “Amphibious Pitcher” Errors

If you don’t know what it means, LOOK IT UPThe Internet was alive recently with people mocking the headline in the Eastern Oregonian, which touted the debut of an "amphibious pitcher." Of course, the headline writer did not mean that he can pitch both in water and on land; he or she meant that he pitches with both hands.

In other words, that he is ambidextrous.

In fairness, both words have the same prefix. Amphi- is Classical Greek for both; ambi- is Latin with the same meaning. But the roots are entirely different. Amphibious comes from amphi and bios, or life. In other words, living in both ways. Ambidextrous comes from ambi and dexter, or right. Meaning that both hands act like the right hand. But let's face it, the words are entirely different.

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A Common Grammar Gaffe: Don't Let This Undermine You

Grammar! The word itself makes some people’s eyes glaze over. Shades of elementary school make eyelids droop. But think about it: When you receive an email or document that contains grammar and punctuation errors, how does it affect your opinion of the sender? When I ask this question in the Worktalk writing trainings, people use words like, “incompetent, unprofessional, uneducated, careless…” The list goes on and on. When we disregard basic grammar, we risk undermining the good impression we have worked so hard to build.One grammar error that has cropped up in recent writing trainings is a lack of singular-plural agreement. Wait — don’t go to sleep yet. Disregarding this point can make you look ignorant. So take a look.

What is wrong with these sentences?

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Perils of Tiny Typing: Typos

I received an email recently that contained the signature line: “Expect typos.”

Why should I expect typos? I expect people to avoid them, especially in business correspondence.

Cell phones breed typos. Granted, when one is typing with thumbs on a tiny screen, errors are more likely to creep in. But this does not mean that we should simply give up without a murmur and say, “Oh, well, my writing will be full of typos and my readers will just have to deal with it.”

Cell phones have had many effects on our communication, including these: They have blurred the boundary between business and personal communications and they have made us less sensitive to typographical errors.
In personal, informal cell phone dialogues, readers usually overlook  errors, as long as the meaning is comprehensible. The question is, however, whether any important messages or emails should be sent from a phone when you are too rushed to correct mistakes.

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Addressing Emails: To, CC, BCC, and the Dreaded Reply All

To, CC, BCC, and the Dreaded Reply All           

Every email needs an addressee, and every time you address an email, you make significant choices. First, are you going to be careful as you hover your mouse over the To line and make sure that you are sending the email to your intended recipient, and not to some hapless soul who shares the same initials?

That’s the first addressing error, and it has led attorneys to send their strategies to opposing counsel,  snarky authors to send their nasties to the people they are trashing, and employers to send comments  that end up as evidence in wrongful termination lawsuits. At the least, it has led to some very embarrassing moments. So the first rule of addressing emails is:
·         Make sure you are sending your email ONLY to the person you intend it to reach.

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