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Going the Distance When You Write

How is writing like swimming?

I swim a mile several times a week, and have been doing so for years.  That’s 72 laps.  Every time I swim, I go about four laps and then a little voice in my head says, “I’m a little tired… maybe I shouldn’t do the full distance today… 72 laps! Maybe I’ll just do 40 today…”  For a moment, this always sounds reasonable.  And every time, I say to that little voice, “Just do the first 16 and see how you feel.  We’re going to go the distance.”  Even though I know I can do it, that little voice (please tell me you have one too!) wants to undermine my willingness to do the right thing.  I force myself to do the warm-up set and, by the time it’s over, I’ve gotten into the rhythm of the workout and I’m able to go the distance.

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