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Emailing Effectively

Have you ever received a document or email that was not proofread carefully? 
Probably you have. How did that document affect your opinion of the person who sent it? Positively or negatively? The chances are that it had a negative impact.

Think about it. What would happen if: 

  • You spelled your customer's name incorrectly
  • You got the wrong date for a major event like a water or electrical shut-down
  • You left out the f when writing shift, or eliminated the l in public
  • You forgot to mention your most persuasive point
When you reread your documents and emails, what percent of the time do you find something wrong?  It may be a flat-out typo, or it may be a phrase or idea that you could have expressed more effectively.  Estimate how frequently you find something that would improve the document.  Some people say 100%. Others estimate that 80 to 90% of the time, they improve their message by re-reading it.

So we know that when we don't reread, we're likely to make a mistake. And when we make a mistake, our readers take it badly.

So why oh why don’t we reread every time?
I know, I know. I've done it myself. You have 100 emails in your inbox. Your cell phone is ringing. Your landline is ringing. Someone is standing at your desk trying to get your attention. You’re worried about that water leak at your house.

You write that email. A little voice in your head says, “You really should reread that…” But you say to that little voice, “This time, it will be fine!”  You hit Send.  And you live with the consequences.

The results of not rereading may not be immediate. Your readers will probably get the gist of what you meant. But at some level, they are getting other messages, such as

  • “This person rushes.”
  • “This person is careless about details.”
  • “This person is ignorant.”

Are those the messages you want to send?

I wish I could tell you that if you send me $49.95, I will ship you a gadget that will enable you to write what you want and never have to reread it. If I could do that, I’d be a multimillionaire. But I can’t.
The only solution to the rereading problem is to follow Nike’s advice and Just do it!  Rereading once can make a huge difference.

What will you gain?

  • increased credibility
  • increased respect from others
  • increased satisfaction in the quality of your work

I reread this several times. Did you find any mistakes in it? I hope not!

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