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Take your monthly Writamins!

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Choosing the Right Word

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug” wrote Mark Twain. These Writamins clarify the meanings of commonly confused word pairs such as affect and effect and rebut and refute. They also clue you in to the correct forms of popular idioms such as touch base and the 800-pound gorilla. When you want to make sure you’re using the right word, look here.


Emailing Effectively

In today’s world, email is business writing. The right email can seal a deal, and the wrong email can destroy a relationship. These Writamins address the struggle of knowing when to use the phone and when to write an email. They also give you immediately useful tips on writing effective subject lines and how to organize an important email. Read these before you hit send.


Thoughts on Writing

Sometimes we need to look at the big picture. Instead of worrying about where to place the comma, we need to consider the purpose of the entire document, and ask ourselves if we have addressed the reader’s inner questions. These Writamins cover larger issues such as the power of purpose, the way to overcome procrastination, and the importance of rhetorical tools such as repetition.


Writing Well

Here, some basic principles from the Worktalk Writing Training focus you on the basic elements of good writing. What’s the difference between the active and the passive voice? When do you which or that? What is parallelism and how do you apply it? These and other essential issues appear in this set of Writamins. To quickly brush up on your writing skills, look here.


Writing Within Organizations

The strongest human passion, according to H.G. Wells, is not love or hate: It’s one person’s desire to change another’s copy. Nowhere is this passion more pronounced than within large organizations, where multiple reviewers change and re-change each other’s changes to the same document. These Writamins offer approaches to writing within an organization, including tips on writing executive summaries, assigning writing projects, and coping with criticism.


Title Author
Cut That Jive! Written by Elizabeth Danziger
How to Assign a Writing Project Written by Elizabeth Danziger
Overcoming Procrastination Written by Elizabeth Danziger
Before You Hit "Send" Written by Elizabeth Danziger
Put the Cause Before the Effect Written by Elizabeth Danziger
Challenging Word Pairs Written by Elizabeth Danziger
Email is Forever Written by Elizabeth Danziger
Know Your Purpose Before You Start Written by Elizabeth Danziger
Give Enough Background Information Written by Elizabeth Danziger
Faster Then, A Speeding Bullet? Written by Elizabeth Danziger

Why choose WorkTalk trainings?

  • Taught by a professional writer. +

    These courses are not taught by a general skills trainer who happens to teach writing. Elizabeth Danziger has been published by major publishing houses such as Random House and Harcourt Brace. Her work has appeared in many national magazines. She is an expert writer and editor who brings her knowledge as a resource to participants.
  • Customized. +

    Every Worktalk training is customized to the client's needs. We meet with you, analyze writing samples from your organization, and customize our training to target the specific challenges that employees in your organization face.
  • Energetic and entertaining. +

    With plenty of exercises and opportunities for interaction, the Worktalk trainings move quickly. Subjects that were terrifying in grammar school become fun and interesting in these outstanding programs.
  • Proven results. +

    In trainings all over the country, Ms. Danziger has enabled participants to streamline their organizing process, eliminate persistent errors, and drastically cut their revision time. Clients spend less time on key communications while producing better relationships and results. Sales people get more positive responses from prospects.
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